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About us

Our Name:

Celizzione- a play of beautiful words coming together! Let’s go a little bit deeper. When the store was just an idea, our founder wanted something that would entail each customer’s creativity and self-expression. Each day we SELECT what we will wear depending on our mood & circumstances. In a way, we are expressing ourselves since the moment we step out of the door simply by what we are wearing.

Selection in Italian means Selezione. Collection in Italian is Collezione. Our founders first name is Celina so after playing around with words we have: Celizzione.

But, what does that mean? It simply means you select WHAT collection you want to wear and you select WHOM you want to wear in terms of designers but ultimately you are selecting how to express yourself.

That is why we hope on your next purchase you Celizzione what makes you feel beautiful & unique!


Our History:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Eleanor Roosevelt

Celizzione was created in April 2016 and it started as my dream transformed into a goal. At a very young age I knew exactly what I wanted and that was to be in the fashion industry. After gaining experience with big names in the industry and as a recent college graduate I decided that it was now or never to pursue my dreams. I just don’t want be in the fashion industry I want to make a difference. I created this store with the intention of discovering new trends & designers at reasonable prices. I truly hope you become a part of this incredible journey I am about to embark on!



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Phone: 956-777-8226

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