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Liza Garza - Mrs.Tropics of Texas 2017

Celina Maluf

Posted on October 02 2017

Liza Garza

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, 3rd grade bilingual teacher, the reigning Mrs. Tropics of Texas with Debi Lou Productions, Model with Debi Lou Modeling Academy, fashionista, community service helper, and friend. These are the titles that define the life I lead on a daily basis. I don’t have superstar looks, I have stretch marks, and my skin does sag a little. I’ve never had any type of fillers or injections (though I would love to, but my hubby is not a fan of that stuff), and I’ve never colored my hair since my mother is highly against it. I’m merely a 46 year old woman who was told at a young age the story of The Ugly Duckling.

My mother never sugar coated anything. If I was good at something, she would support and encourage me. If I wasn’t good at something, she let me know that I wasn’t and never lied to me. With that being said, she would always tell me the story of The Ugly Duckling. She always would say, “Right now you’re the ugly duckling, but when you grow up you’ll be a swan.” Her words rang true. I wasn’t the little girl with the long, bouncy, curly hair, or the girl with the cutest body. I was just an ordinary, average kid that wanted to shine. My looks didn’t, but my confidence level did all thanks to my mom’s honesty. I tried modeling in my teens, but it didn’t work out. I wanted desperately to be in pageants, but my dad had passed away at 17, and the money was no longer available. So, my dreams of being a model and pageant girl had to be tucked away in my dreams.

Fast forward 24 years later, and my modeling and pageant career began. I was approached by Debi Chavez, owner of Debi Lou Modeling and Production Company to try modeling. I was thrilled, but I chuckled since I had just given birth to my youngest son 2 years prior. I was a full time teacher, mom, and wife so I thought that time would definitely be against me. My husband and my mom were not “fans” of my decision. I tried it and fell in love! My family came to see me in my first modeling show, and they too became big time supporters! A year passed and then it happened….I was approached again by Debi to be the first Mrs. Rio Grande Valley! I was crowned and my reign began with tons of community service across the valley. My reign continued and I was crowned Mrs. South Texas and recently Mrs. Tropics of Texas 2017.

I work all day in my classroom, then off to an appearance to help promote businesses and those in need. Most of the time, I do take my boys with me so they can learn that it is important to give back. At times, some appearances are at the spur of the moment, so I always have to be ready, so my style is important. I love buying from local boutiques such as Celizzione to ensure that my style is on point. Yes, I am 46, but I still dress with what is trending. That doesn’t mean that I wear “what the kids” are wearing, but if the trend is cool and classy, then I’m on it!    

I love what I do. I’m always asked, “How do you do it all?” “Aren’t you tired?” My response, “I just do.” My loving husband and boys cheer me on and that is sheer bliss for me. And yes, I wash, cook, clean, and help with homework!

-Liza B. Garza, M. Ed

3rd grade Bilingual Teacher

Mrs. Tropics of Texas 2017

Debi Lou Model

Brand Ambassador for Celizzione


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  • Debi Lou: October 03, 2017

    Liza is an inspiration to all.

  • Parker Villarreal: October 02, 2017

    I’ve always wanted to be in pageants and too can relate to the struggles in life. Congratulations on following your dreams, it is never too late!

  • Ashley Cantu: October 02, 2017

    Inspired me then and still inspires me. Mrs. Garza was my 4th grade teacher that always looked her best and knows what she’s doing when teaching. She is exactly what she states, Confident.

  • Karina: October 02, 2017

    Love this story. Is there a blog where we can follow her and read more?

  • Nicole : October 02, 2017

    Wow!! A very inspiring story. I am also a teacher and can relate to how much work that is. Finding the time to do all of that plus following your dreams is incredible. Congratulations!

  • Ali Ashton: October 02, 2017

    What an incredible story. Very inspiring to see someone no matter the age, conquering their dreams. This is a beautiful post. Would like to read more on Liza, please post more!

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